Flashing manufacture and other quality metal products in Auckland

Monaghan Sheetmetals Ltd is a leading supplier of comprehensive sheet metal fabrication services in Auckland. We have the capability to undertake a wide range of services, with flashing manufacture as our speciality, but rest assured that all of our metal products are of the highest possible quality.
Flashing Fabricators is a family owned and operated company that was established in 1970 offering over 40 years of service in the Sheetmetal Industry.

We can fabricate one off metal products for your Auckland home, or a large commercial project.

Specialising in flashing manufacture, we work closely with architects, engineers, designers, builder and installers, or new projects and supply products to repair leaking buildings.

With hassle-free services and a full selection of products and services, Monaghan Sheetmetals Ltd in Auckland is your metal fabrication and sheet steel specialist.
An expert manufacturing metal products in Auckland
Professional sheet metal equipment
Some of our large Flashing and metal products fabrication projects include:
  • Vector Arena
  • Sky City Casino
  • Telecom building
  • Britomart precinct
  • Metropolis apartments
  • Scene apartments
  • Stratis apartments
  • Birkenhead library
  • Mainzeal House
  • Ronald McDonald House
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