Surface Finishing

Anodised roadside railings

Diverse Surface Finishing Capabilitiesin Auckland

Quality surface finishing isn’t something that is achieved easily. At Monaghan Sheetmetals, we have the work ethic and passion to achieve an excellent finish every time.

We have a diverse metal surface finishing shop in Auckland, where we can find solutions for even the toughest challengers. Whether it is commercial, residential or industrial, we will get your next project to the finish line. That’s our promise to you - our valued client.

We can discuss your particular project and needs in more detail on (09) 828 6781. So give us a ring!

Types of surfacing we can perform

  • Powdercoating: full range of colours and special finishes
  • Anodising: standard range, silver, bronze, black (also a range of special colours available)
  • Perforating: standard and customised
  • Galvanising
  • Polishing

Specialists for finishing solutions

Monaghan Sheetmetalscan provide a variety of finishing solutions that will see your project through.

We will be at your service at all stages, offering the service of a friendly, dedicated team that has years of combined hands-on experience.

With quality controlled processes and facilities we drive a progressive approach. We promise innovative solutions that will deliver to your expectations.You can view a list of our surfacing capabilities below.
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